Popular Children's Game Comes to Strecker Museum Nov. 15

Nov. 10, 1997

Baylor University's Strecker Museum will help children learn about time when it hosts Where in Time Is Carmen Sandiego?, based on the popular PBS children's game show. From 10 a.m. until noon Saturday, Nov. 15, children ages 6-12 will be asked to help solve a museum mystery by tracking Carmen Sandiego and her devious band of crooks through Strecker's exhibits.

Children who want to help catch Carmen and recover a lost artifact will receive a list of clues which place them on Carmen Sandiego's trail through the museum. Participants will answer the questions on the clue sheet by searching for answers located in the exhibits. The younger children will answer such questions as "Jacqueline Hyde doesn't like bugs but she likes to fly through time. What animals could she be flying with?" while children ages 9-12 will tackle questions that deal with dinosaurs, pottery and mammoths.

"We are pleased to work with KCTF-TV to present this special event," said Dr. Ellie Caston, director of operations for the Strecker Museum. "Our museum encourages children to learn in a variety of ways. This event is an excellent opportunity for children to stretch their imaginations and to learn while they are having fun."

There is no charge to participate in the game, but all children must be accompanied by an adult. Each child will receive a small prize for completing his or her clue sheet and will be entered in a grand prize drawing to win a gift certificate at the Strecker Museum Gift Shop and a Carmen Sandiego T-shirt and baseball cap.

Strecker Museum is located in the basement of the Sid Richardson Science Building on the Baylor campus. For more information, contact Caston at 710-1110

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