Baylor Regents Approve 6.9 Percent Tuition Increase

Sept. 12, 1997

WACO, Texas - Baylor University's Board of Regents today set tuition rates for the 1998-99 academic year at $308 per semester hour, a 6.9 percent increase over the current rate.

The $20 per semester hour increase is effective June 1, 1998.

Current tuition is $288 per semester hour, or $8,640 per year based on 30 semester hours. The new tuition rate would be $9,240 per year.

Regents also voted to increase fees at a 6.9 percent rate. General student fees would increase from $393 to $427. Room and board fees will increase 3.1 percent from $1,900 to $1,958 and $1,267 to $1,304, respectively.

Total tuition and fees would increase from the current rate of $14,016 to $14,987 for 1998-99.

Despite the increase, Baylor is still among the most affordable private institutions in the country, according to Dr. Stan Madden, vice president for university marketing. "Baylor has a legacy of providing quality, affordable educational programs, as evidenced by the university's excellent rankings in Money and U.S. News & World Report," said Madden. "We are under the dual pressures of keeping Baylor affordable while delivering a high-quality education. This increase responds to both."

Also approved was a new student technology fee of $85 per semester. The revenues from this fee would go to fund major computer upgrades in virtually every department of the university.

"Demand for state-of-the-art computers and other technology is relentless in higher education. In order for Baylor to remain competitive, we have to increase funding for the equipping of labs, classrooms and studios," Madden said. "The new technology fee will ensure that students have access to the type of equipment at Baylor that they will encounter in the workplace. Every dollar of this fee will be applied to the acquisition of the latest hardware and software."

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