Baylor to Host Youth Summit Sept. 6 for America's Future

Sept. 2, 1997

WACO, Texas - Baylor University will serve as host to 2,000 Central Texas youths on Saturday, Sept. 6, during the Youth Summit For America's Future. Most activities are planned in Waco Hall.

The conference has developed as a result of a national youth summit held in April that President Clinton initiated with former presidents Bush, Reagan, Carter and Ford. Harris Wofford, a former Pennsylvania senator and currently CEO of the Corporation for National Service Works in Washington, D.C., will serve as the featured speaker of the program at 1:30 p.m. in Waco Hall.

The national summit held in Philadelphia met to establish a national agenda for young people. The Central Texas summit will focus on implementing the national agenda which includes providing each youth a positive adult role model, an opportunity to give back to the community, access to an excellent educational system, a safe place and structured activities, and developing a marketable skill.

The delegates to the conference will consist of young people ages 13 to 25 years old. Delegates will come from public, private and home school students. Young people also will come from colleges, non-profit organizations and religious institutions.

Rosemary Townsend, director of business affairs for Baylor Health Services, served as a delegate to the national youth summit and serves as coordinator of the Central Texas summit. She said many conferences will occur throughout the country, but Central Texas will serve as host to one of the first since the national conference.

For more information, contact Townsend at (254) 710-2461.

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