Line Camp and Orientation Help Baylor Freshmen Bond

  • Full-Size Image: Orientation DP Hour President Livingstone
    Baylor President Linda Livingstone greets an incoming freshman and her family during a special Dr Pepper Hour at New Student Orientation. (Matthew Minard/Baylor University)
  • Full-Size Image: Line Jerseys at Line Camp
    During a nighttime trip to Baylor University's original campus in Independence, Texas, incoming Baylor freshmen each receive their gold Baylor Line jersey with their nickname of choice and graduation year on the back. (Robert Rogers/Baylor University)
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    Incoming Baylor freshmen and their families chat with representatives from different Baylor organizations and departments at New Student Orientation. (Robert Rogers/Baylor University)
June 26, 2017

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WACO, Texas (June 26, 2017) – Summer at Baylor University belongs to the Class of 2021.

As incoming Baylor freshmen experience everything from attending academic open houses to splashing through fountains at 3 a.m., they gain the knowledge they will need to thrive in college and the friendships they will treasure forever at Baylor Line Camp and New Student Orientation.

Line Camp, a summer camp for new Baylor students, combines fun activities and traditions with opportunities for personal growth. During these four days, incoming freshmen learn more about themselves, connect with their classmates and become more engaged in the Baylor community.

Part of the Baylor Family

During a nighttime trip to Baylor's original campus in Independence, Texas, students each receive an over-sized gold Line jersey with their nickname of choice and graduation year on the back. As the sun sets, Line campers sing a hymn as they walk single-file through the four columns of the historic campus, Line jerseys slung over one shoulder.

"When you put on that jersey, you're like a new person. You're a part of the Baylor family, and they're going to welcome you with open arms," said Robert Rodriguez, a freshman on the pre-medicine track who attended Line Camp last week.

When they receive their line jerseys, first-year students become an official part of the Baylor Line, a Baylor tradition since 1970. New students wear these jerseys to every home football game, and together they sprint across the field at McLane Stadium before kickoff as the crowd cheers them on.

VIDEO: "God has great things in store for you." A look at what incoming BU freshmen experience when #Baylor Line Camp visits Independence. (Baylor University)

Rodriguez said he's become very close with the other members of his small group after only a few days, staying up until the early hours of the morning playing games, exploring campus and having deep conversations. He said bonding with his group is worth the lack of sleep.

Line campers learn the importance of trusting one another from their first day on campus, when groups compete in the "Bruiser Games." Each game requires team members to work together to complete a challenge, which Rodriguez saw as a metaphor for succeeding at Baylor.

"The Bruiser Games helped us grow as a team and showed us what it's going to be like in college. We can't get through everything alone. You have to have other people beside you. If you're going to try to do college alone, it's not going to work," Rodriguez said.

While Line Camp puts an emphasis on building friendships between new students, orientation focuses more on the practical side of becoming a Baylor Bear.

"I love this school

For two days, students attending Orientation can choose from a full day of available sessions about studying abroad, campus safety, Greek life, financial aid and more. They also register for classes with the help of an advisor, create their student ID cards and take their yearbook pictures.

Amy Bodin traveled from Nevada to attend orientation this week with her son, Jeron. He decided Baylor was the university for him after attending Invitation to Excellence, a weekend event for academically competitive high school seniors.

"As we were walking around that weekend at Invitation to Excellence, he said, 'I love this school. This is the one. It has the Christian aspect, the academics and that community vibe,'" Bodin said.

Bodin has experienced college orientations at several other universities with Jeron's siblings, but she said Baylor's stood out from the rest. When the opening session began with a hymn written specifically for the Class of 2021, she felt reassured that he was in the right place.

"We've just been blown away by everything we're learning and everything that they're providing. It's like they haven't forgotten one thing. It's really top notch. Everything has been thought through," Bodin said.

San Antonio freshman Lexi Allmond attended Orientation with her mother last week. She said she expected something like a pep rally, but she was pleasantly surprised to find dozens of booths and information sessions that allowed her to learn about different aspects of Baylor.

Allmond said her favorite part of Orientation was Dr Pepper Hour, a weekly tradition in which Baylor students, faculty and staff come together to enjoy the perfect blend of vanilla ice cream and Dr Pepper that is a Dr Pepper float.

"Orientation was way more informative than I thought it would be," Allmond said. "I feel more comfortable and familiar with the campus from all the walking at Orientation, more prepared for my classes in the business school, and I simply feel like an official Baylor Bear."

Baylor's New Student Orientation will continue through the last week of June, and Line Camp sessions continue through July. To register for orientation or get on the waiting list for line camp, visit the New Student Programs website.

by Kassidy Woytek , student newswriter, (254) 710-6805


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