BU Lecturer Writes Book From Jesus' Perspective

Aug. 1, 1997

WACO, Texas - Robert Darden, lecturer for the Baylor University Department of English, recently published a book titled I Jesus: Stories From the Savior.

The book tells the scriptural story of Christ's life in first person. Darden said he studied New Testament passages extensively and conducted research of biblical customs to determine how to write the narrative. The author of more than 40 books, Darden said I Jesus was the easiest he has ever written, though writing the book had its challenges.

"Writing the words of Jesus was easy, but writing the thoughts of Jesus was scary," he said. The biblical study necessary to prepare the book greatly impacted his life, Darden said.

"The writings of Jesus are scary," Darden said. "His words are so demanding and so intense that preachers don't preach on it. There is no gray area."

Earlier this year, Darden released Wheels of Thunder about life on the NASCAR and Indy car racing circuit. The drivers reveal their commitment to Christianity in the book. Last year, Darden wrote The Way of An Eagle which describes the life and faith of professional golfers. The International Golfers Association nominated the book for Golf Book of the Year. In 1998, Darden will release a historical narrative of the Waco-McLennan County Library for its 100th anniversary.

For more information, contact Darden at (254) 710-1768.

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