Baylor Schedules Teamwork Session July 17

July 2, 1997

by Alan Hunt

WACO, Texas - Teamwork is important to the success of a family business, and failure to recognize the collective skills of individual team members deprives many family businesses of one of their most important assets.

To help family businesses owners and managers recognize the significance of teamwork, Baylor University is hosting a day-long Team Building session at Cooper Fitness Center on Thursday, July 17, from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The program, "TEAMWORK - a team building session" is part of the 1997 series, "The Family Business - Six Skills for Survival and Success," presented by Baylor's Institute for Family Business and the North Texas Family Business Forum.

Bob Hughes, director of the Institute for Family Business, said the TEAMWORK Program at the Cooper Fitness Center is designed to encourage leadership, greater creativity and innovation and more effective teamwork - "skills that are essential for survival in today's competitive marketplace."

The scheduled team building exercises include Hot Stuff, where the team must remove a container of "toxic waste" from a specified location without touching the container with any parts of the body; the Spider Web, requiring the team to move each participant from one side of the spider web to the other without disturbing the sleeping spider; and Blind Square, where blindfolded participants attempt to form a perfect square without letting go of the rope or changing places.

More activities, team planning sessions and group evaluations round out the day-long session.

Cost is the program is $175 per person including all meals, snacks, the full day of team building activities and a TEAMWORK t-shirt for each participant.

Baylor's Institute for Family Business is a nationally-recognized organization that provides educational programs for family-owned businesses throughout the state.

For information and registration contact, Doris Sandberg at (254) 755-2265 ext 5

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