Environmental Studies Department Sends Class to Belize

May 19, 1997

The Baylor University Department of Environmental Studies will sponsor a summer environmental course with a trip to Belize, Central America, May 23 through June 19.

The approximately 40 students in the course will spend the first week of class on the Baylor campus, the next three weeks in Belize and complete the final week on the Baylor campus. The course will provide a unique learning experience for Baylor students and gather useful environmental data for the Belizean government. The course will focus on tropical ecology, development, watershed management, cultural groups, archeology and agriculture.

The students will experience the living conditions of the developing third-world country as they will not have use of modern conveniences such as telephones and indoor plumbing.

The Environmental Studies Department annually sponsors the trip and in 1995, made an environmental presentation to the Belize Minister of Environment. Larry Lehr, lecturer in environmental studies and leader of the Belize study team, said the trip can benefit Belizean people in analyzing pollution concerns.

"There are changes that need to be made so they can develop tourism near their rivers, but some technical work needs to be done first," Lehr said.

For more information, contact Lehr at 755-1819.

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