Baylor University Regents Adopt Resolution Regarding Approval of Baylor Health Care System Agreement

May 9, 1997

WACO, Texas - The following resolution, approved today by Baylor University regents, was released by board chairman Randall H. Fields following the governing board's meeting.

"Baylor University is unequivocally committed to the Baptist heritage of the Baylor Health Care System and is therefore pleased that our new agreement assures that the board of the Baylor Health Care System will be an all-Baptist board. To strengthen further the Baptist identity and future of the health care system, Baylor University strongly encourages the board of the health care system in its upcoming deliberations regarding governance and board selections to continue to align itself closely to Texas Baptists by legally assigning to either the Baptist General Convention of Texas or the board of Baylor University, which is selected with input from the BGCT, the responsibility to elect at least 25 percent of its Board of Trustees."

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