Electronic List to Network Church Recreation Practitioners

May 7, 1997

The Baylor University Division of Recreation and Leisure Services of the Department of Health, Human Performance and Recreation (HHPR) has recently established ChRec-L mail list for church recreation ministers.

The electronic service provides a forum for professional networking to church recreation ministers, practitioners, students and educators in the field of recreation and leisure services in Christian settings. The list will provide opportunities to discuss practical, as well as philosophical matters. Topics would include, but not be limited to, activity idea sharing, resource sharing, positions available, internship opportunities, etc. Baylor offers the list as a service with no additional costs to subscribers beyond what they pay for e-mail access.

Dr. Dale Connally, assistant professor of HHPR and director of the Division of Recreation and Leisure Services, said secular recreational professionals already use this type of service and hopes that professionals in Christian ministries would take advantage of the opportunity.

"There are other lists similar to this in the secular setting, but some situations that arise in the Christian setting are different," Connally said. "We want to offer a place where Christians could meet and share their problems and successes in their ministries."

Connally said a growing number of churches and particularly Christian camps are using e-mail and other forms of technology. He also said the academic community has already responded to the service, which started about a month ago, but hopes for more response from Christian ministers in the recreation field.

To subscribe to the service, send an e-mail message to LISTPROC@baylor.edu. The body of the message should read: SUBSCRIBE ChRec-L [Your Name].

For more information, contact Connally at (817) 755-3505 or Dale_Connally@baylor.edu or https://www.baylor.edu/~Dale_Connally/

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