Baylor Schedules Estate Planning Seminar May 8

April 29, 1997

by Alan Hunt

DALLAS, Texas -- Estate taxes can devastate a family business, and failure to plan in advance for these taxes is a major reason only 10 percent of family businesses make it to the third generation.

To help family businesses recognize and overcome the pitfalls of estate planning, Baylor University is hosting a half-day seminar at Las Colinas Country Club, Irving, from 7:30 a.m.-1 p.m. on Thursday, May 8.

The workshop, "Estate Planning, Business and Personal Issues," is part of the 1997 series, "The Family Business - Six Skills for Survival and Success," presented by Baylor's Institute for Family Business and the North Texas Family Business Forum.

Presenters and instructors will include Lonnie Brooks, Chris Fay and Randy Smith, family business and estate planning specialists from MassMutual, and Rust Reid and Ike Robb, estate tax planning experts from the law firm of Thompson & Knight.

Bob Hughes, director of the Institute for Family Business, said the workshop will show family business owners how to avoid up to a 60 percent loss of net worth, how to avoid up to 90 percent in taxes on their qualified plan assets, and how to avoid up to 80 percent in estate taxes in two generations. "It's a vital seminar for the family business owner," he added.

Baylor's Institute for Family Business is a nationally-recognized organization that provides educational programs for family-owned businesses throughout the state.

To register for the workshop (which includes a continental breakfast and lunch) or for more information, call (817) 755-2265 ext 5.

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