Four Students to Give Presentations at Research Conference

April 23, 1997

Four Baylor University undergraduate students will make presentations at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research on April 24-26 in Austin.

Dr. Steve Sadler, assistant director of the Honors Program, said the National Conference on Undergraduate Research is a consortium of major universities which allows universities to provide undergraduates an opportunity to present their research and get the experience they would have at the graduate level.

Sadler said some students will probably be given the chance to publish their research when the conference is finished.

The students and titles of their presentations are:

Mari Rebane, "Kafka and the Critics: The Never-Ending Metamorphosis of Gregor Samsa;" Bernard Smith, "Behavior of Planetesimals Passing Through the Gas Cloud Surrounding Proto-Jupiter;" Bill McCracken, "Shared Perspectives of Fyoder Dostoevsky and John Dewey;" Robert Chaney, "Society and the Conquest of Disease."

"It is not only an opportunity for students to develop their skills, it is a grand opportunity to display the kind of students we have at Baylor," Sadler said. "It is a great honor for students to be selected and a great honor for Baylor University."

For more information, contact the Honors Program at 755-1119.

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