Baylor Chemistry Researcher Receives $111,000 Welch Grant

April 8, 1997

Dr. Robert Kane, assistant professor of chemistry at Baylor University, has recently received a $111,000 Welch Grant for research, the ninth Welch Grant at Baylor.

The Welch Grant is a grant to support chemistry research. Kane sent a proposal to the Welch Foundation and received a grant to be used over a period of three years.

The grant is titled "Engineering Metal Binding Sites into Oligonucleotides." Kane said that his plans are, "to develop new methods to add new structures and functions to make synthetic DNA."

Kane received his bachelor of science degree at Texas Lutheran College and his doctorate at Texas Tech University.

Baylor currently has eight Welch grants in the chemistry department and one in the physics department.

For more information, contact Kane at 755-3311.

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