Dr. Ray Bagby Returns From Saudi Arabia and Bahrain

April 1, 1997

Dr. Ray Bagby, associate professor of management and the Robert and Louise Rogers Profess of Entrepreneurship at Baylor University, recently returned from a two-week visit to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain after participating in the Joseph J. Malone Fellowship Program.

The fellowship is offered by the National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations, a Washington D.C.-based, American non-profit, tax-exempt educational organization, which works to offer better understanding of the Arab world through different programs and activities.

Bagby was one of 14 business educators and leaders selected for the fellowship. This was the first time business educators made the trip. The purpose of the trip was to develop and promote business relations between the United States and Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

Bagby said he attended lectures from the early morning until late night for the two weeks. He has been assimilating the information and plans to speak to various groups and eventually publish what he learned on the visit.

Bagby said that since Baylor has approved a Middle East minor program, he plans to join with the professors involved in that effort.

Bagby said he had never been in the Middle East.

"The biggest thing I learned from the trip is how much we have in common. Unfortunately we tend to focus on the differences and I was really surprised at the commonalty between us," Bagby said.

Bagby said he had "an incredible sense of security." He said he never felt so safe in his life as he did while visiting because there is not much of a crime rate.

He was able to visit historical, cultural and national development sites including Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and Riyadh.

For more information, contact Bagby at (817) 755-1111 x4156.

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