Recent Graduate Establishes Endowed Scholarship Fund

March 20, 1997

Alton J. Patton III, a 1994 Baylor University graduate, has established the Virginia and Alton J. Patton Jr. Endowed Scholarship Fund for Global Studies.

The scholarship will provide tuition, books, fees and travel expenses for a year of study at Seinan Gaukin University in Fukuoka, Japan. Seinan Gaukin currently co-sponsors a student foreign exchange program with Baylor. Patton, a participant in the Baylor-in-London program while a student, said the program gave him inspiration to experience other foreign cultures.

He now lives in Matsuyama, Japan, where he produces radio and television programs as well as hosts a weekly radio entertainment show. Patton is a native of Central Texas and a graduate of Reicher Catholic High School in Waco.

Patton said the gifts of others helped further his accomplishments in life and he desires to do the same.

"I told myself that if I had the opportunity to help someone else who would like to follow through on their goals in life I would do it," Patton said. "I want to help young people grow spiritually, intellectually and prepare themselves to compete in a global market."

Dr. Gwin Morris, associate vice president for University Development, said the scholarship may inspire other young graduates to begin scholarships.

"Many students have benefited from these foreign exchange programs," Morris said. "This scholarship may encourage students to start programs in France, Spain or other places."

The establishment of the scholarship honors Patton's parents Virginia and Alton Jr. Alton Jr. formerly served as a television news anchor for KCEN in Waco and as an anchor and public affairs director for KXXV in Waco. He is currently a television news consultant in Atlanta, Ga., with Virginia, an accountant and real estate broker.

For more information contact Dr. Jonathan Lindsey, director of donor information for University Development, at 755-2561.

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