Baylor to Host University for Young People in June

March 19, 1997

Baylor University's School of Education will host its 15th annual University for Young People (UYP), a program for gifted and talented students entering grades 1-8, during two sessions June 2-13 and June 16-27.

Students are selected on the basis of achievement test scores, aptitude measurements, teachers' observations, parents' observations and students' creative products.

Younger students entering grades 1-3 will participate in an interdisciplinary thematic curriculum that emphasizes creative problem solving and research.

Intermediate students are grouped by grades - 4th/5th, or 6th, 7th, 8th. They may choose from courses in computers, foreign languages, visual arts, music, mathematics, psychology, chemistry, archaeology, physical education, science, leadership, language arts, journalism, speech debate or drama.

The program began in 1982 with 23 students and has grown to almost 400 students. Students apply for the program and, once accepted, choose the courses they want to take. Average class size in UYP is 12. Students attending UYP have opportunities to work with other gifted students from surrounding communities who share their same interests.

For more information, contact Linda Cox, director of UYP and lecturer of curriculum and instruction, at 755-3113.

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