Baylor to Host Senior Adult Learning Weekend

March 5, 1997

The Baylor University Institute of Gerontological Studies will host a College Learning Weekend Friday and Saturday, March 7-8, at the Tallowood Baptist Church in Houston.

All people 50 years or older may attend the learning weekend. Five members of the Baylor faculty and staff will lead the weekend. The courses include nutrition and aging taught by Dr. Janelle Walter, associate professor of family and consumer sciences; responding to loss, taught by Dr. Tillman Rodabough, professor of sociology; choices and challenges in care giving, taught by Dr. Ben Dickerson, director of the Institute of Gerontological Studies and Dr. Dennis Myers, professor of social work/gerontology; and America's Heritage of Great Ideas, taught by Dr. Gwin Morris, associate vice president for University Development.

Dickerson said the weekend will help senior adults develop all aspects of their lives.

"Our purpose is to promote intellectual stimulation as well as spiritual growth," he said.

Registration for the conference begins at 5 p.m. Friday, March 7. The conference costs $10 and any senior may register.

For more information, contact Tallowood Baptist Church at (713) 468-8241.

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