Baylor Police Recruit Attends City's Police Academy

Feb. 17, 1997

WACO, Texas -- Mathew Mulholland, a Baylor University public service officer in the university's Department of Public Safety, will attend the Waco police department's police academy beginning Feb. 17. This will be the second time a Baylor police recruit will participate in the five-month, law enforcement training program.

"Baylor officers serve in an adjunct position to the Waco police department, and the two departments interact on a daily basis. Sending this young man to the academy is a win-win situation," said James Doak, director of public safety at Baylor. "Baylor gets the best trained officer it can get, and the Waco police department will deal with an officer who understands Waco P.D. policies.

"Baylor will pay any costs incurred during the training. There are zero costs to the city," he added.

The academy program lasts five months and encompasses every aspect of police work, according to Doak. Participants must pass a stringent fitness program and also must attend class eight-hours a day. The classes cover topics such as the rules of search and seizure, arrest law and negotiation and mediation.

Originally hired as a part-time shuttle van driver, Mulholland performed so well that he was promoted to public service officer, Doak said.

"He is just a magnate with the students. They just gravitate to him. And he has an obvious work ethic," Doak said.

One other Baylor employee attended the police academy in 1988. Most of the Baylor public safety department officers have previous experience in law enforcement.

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