English Department to Begin New Major

Jan. 31, 1997

Baylor University has recently approved the beginning of a new major in language and linguistics for the department of English.

Beginning in the fall of 1997, students can earn a bachelor's degree in linguistics and language. The new interdisciplinary major will include the departments of modern foreign languages, philosophy and English.

Students in the department of English have made a consistent demand for such a program and developing it makes the department and the university more marketable, said Dr. Maurice Hunt, professor and acting chair of English.

"We are excited in the English department because the linguistics major makes us competitive with other universities with language and linguistics programs," Hunt said. The major also is economical as it will utilize existing resources within the philosophy, foreign language and English departments, he said.

In addition to the major, students in the program would be required to develop a full minor in an Indo-European language other than English such as Greek, Latin, German, Russian or Spanish.

For more information, contact Hunt at 755-1768.

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