Baylor to Begin 'Bear Hunters' Program

Jan. 15, 1997

WACO, Texas - To track down more of the top students across the country, the Baylor University Office of Recruitment and Parents League has initiated the Bear Hunters program.

Bear Hunters are a nationwide army of volunteer recruiters who will perform various functions in the process of bringing students to Baylor. Six services which program volunteers can conduct, include calling potential Baylor students, letter writing, attending student fairs, referring students to the Office of Recruitment and visiting high schools or visiting churches to promote the university. Volunteers are already signing up and 1997 membership will begin with the start of the spring semester.

Volunteers can choose any of these recruitment functions and earn the title scout, tracker or trainer depending on the number of recruiting activities in which they participate. Dr. Charles S. Madden, vice president for university marketing at Baylor, said the Bear Hunters are as valuable as donors to the university.

"If someone gives us money, that is great, but if someone gives us a student, they have given us a friend for life," Madden said.

Madden and Special Programs Coordinator Rachelle Sheffield said they would like to recruit 1,000 people for the program.

"We want as many people as possible to help us tell the Baylor story to prospective Baylor students and parents," Sheffield said.

For more information or to join Bear Hunters, contact Sheffield at 1-800-BAYLORU, option 1-1.

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