Baylor Modifies Fall 1997 Academic Calendar

Dec. 11, 1996

WACO, Texas - For the first time in several years, Baylor University will make a substantial change in the structure of its fall 1997 academic calendar. Several issues will be addressed by the modifications and will take affect in the 1997 fall semester.

First, the university will add a class day to its fall schedule. When researching other schools in the Big XII conference, university officials found that Baylor and two other conference schools have the fewest number of class days. Reorganization of the beginning of classes will enable the university to add one class day to the fall semester bringing the total from 72 to 73 days.

Second, residence halls now will open at 8 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 23, rather than during the work week, allowing greater flexibility to working parents who help move their children into the dorms.

Third, the traditional Labor Day holiday (set for Sept. 1, 1997) will become a regular class day. In exchange for the September holiday, the Thanksgiving holiday will be expanded to include the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Officials hope this modification of holidays will enhance course momentum at the beginning of the semester, encourage students to return home for Thanksgiving and provide a safer driving period for traveling students. Baylor staff will be given a "flex holiday" that can be taken any time between and including Labor Day and the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Fourth, a single study day will be added between the last day of classes and the beginning of final examinations. Finals will conclude on Dec. 18 with commencement scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 20.

These modifications will constitute an experimental change. Schedule alterations will be reviewed at the end of two years.

"Over time, small problems can arise at the university, and while we don't make schedule changes frequently, we try to deal with a variety of issues when we do," said Dr. Stan Madden, vice president for university marketing.

For more information, call Madden at (817) 755-1412.

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