Super Saturday Hands-on Science Workshop Set for Dec. 7

Nov. 27, 1996

A morning of math, music and science may sound like a regular school day for some students, but many Waco-area 4-6 grade elementary students will participate in a hands-on workshop Saturday, Dec. 7, to learn the principles of motion using timers, cars and ramps.

"Super Saturday" is sponsored by Baylor University's Center for Learning Abilities and Talent Development within the School of Education. The workshop will take place from 9 a.m. to noon in Bennett Auditorium on the Baylor campus (across the street from Waco Hall.) The cost of the workshop is $15 per child.

The curriculum and materials will be provided by the Cambridge Physics Outlet which believes that children learn by doing.

According to Dr. Tom Hsu, director of the Cambridge Physics Outlet, "Science is something you do, not something that is done to you."

During the Saturday workshop, students will explore force and motion in the "Car and Ramp" session using electronic timers, cars and ramps to observe and predict motion.

In another session, "Music, Sound and Waves," students will use a simple pendulum to design experiments that show how the length of the string, the weight and the angle of the swing affects the motion of the pendulum.

To register or request more information, contact Dr. Randy Ford, director of the Center for Learning Abilities and Talent Development, at 755-3112.

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