Losey Named English Graduate Studies Director

Nov. 21, 1996

Dr. Jay Losey, assistant professor of English at Baylor University, recently has been named director of graduate studies for the Department of English effective Jan. 1.

Losey joined the Baylor faculty in 1986. He was promoted from lecturer to assistant professor in 1993 and joined the graduate faculty in 1994. His teaching interests include Victorian literature, modern British literature, Holocaust literature and Continental literature.

The graduate program offers master's degrees and doctoral degrees in English. Losey said the doctoral program is where his emphasis will be.

"I do not want to make any changes in the MA program, because it is already excellent," Losey said. "I want to continue the work that has been done by Dr. Goode and make my contribution to the Ph.D. program. We generally graduate one student per year. I would like to see if we can graduate two or three a year." Additional graduate faculty would be a necessity in accomplishing such a goal, he said.

A key to accomplishing Losey's goal is communication, he said.

"I would like there to be effective communication between the graduate students and the graduate faculty, the graduate faculty and the director, the graduate faculty and the graduate school. Those are my priorities."

For more information, contact Losey at 755-1768.

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