Mock Presidential Debate to Be Held in Chapel-Forum Oct. 30

Oct. 29, 1996

Two students from the Baylor University Debate Team will hold a mock presidential debate at 10 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 30 at Chapel-Forum in Waco Hall.

Kelly Dunbar, a senior history major from St. Joseph, Mo., and Ben Coulter, a junior philosophy major from Birmingham, Ala., will participate.

The program is sponsored by the communications department to create interest in the debate program and to inform students about the presidential candidates' platforms and policies.

"I think Chapel-Forum is a good place to showcase great student programs at Baylor," Dr. Karla Leeper, assistant professor of communication studies and director of the debate team, said.

"We are excited to showcase one of the nation's best debate programs. Many students are just becoming old enough to vote. This may be their first election. This mock debate gives students the opportunity to hear something about the candidates positions on issues for the last time before the elections. It is important to include national and local affairs into what we do here at Baylor," Leeper said.

For more information, contact Leeper at 755-6919.

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