Missionaries to Speak in Chapel-Forum Oct. 14

Oct. 10, 1996

by Alan Hunt

Greg Benno, a missionary and youth director in Pueblo, Colo., and Carla Hawkins, a missionary in Maracay, Venezuela, will speak during Baylor University's Chapel-Forum at 10 a.m. Monday, Oct. 14, in Waco Hall.

Benno is a 1993 Baylor graduate with a bachelor of arts in psychology. He has been a missionary in Colorado for three years. Hawkins has been a missionary in Venezuela for eight years.

Benno and Hawkins are speaking as part of Missions Emphasis Week on campus, sponsored by the Baylor Baptist Student Ministries (BSM). The week highlights the field of missions and gives students a chance to meet missionaries from all around the globe.

"It is not often that we have people from practically every corner of the globe short of Antarctica who can share about their experiences and their lives. It brings real people to campus. It is not a book. It is the real thing," said Ann Farley, missions intern in the Baylor BSM.

For more information, contact Farley at 755-3215.

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