Baylor to Host First Big 12 Lifelong Learning Conference

Oct. 2, 1996

WACO, Texas - Baylor University will host the Big 12 Lifelong Learning Conference, one of the first academic initiatives of the Big 12, Oct. 8-10 on the Baylor campus.

The purpose of the conference is to bring the gerontological programs of the Big 12 schools together to exchange ideas and form relationships for future projects.

Delegates from each of the Big 12 universities will focus on the challenges and opportunities of lifelong learning that are faced in responding more effectively to the aging population.

The featured speakers of the three-day conference are Dr. Ronald J. Manheimer, executive director of the North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement (NCCCR); Dr. Bill Franklin, president of the Texas International Education Consortium; Dr. William Berkeley, president of Elderhostel; and Dr. Herbert H. Reynolds, chancellor of Baylor.

Technological innovation, target populations, travel study programs and leadership development are some of the numerous topics to be discussed during the conference.

Also, a panel of corporate leaders from 3M, IBM and Motorola will highlight the business world's participation in lifelong learning.

The conference is made possible by a grant from Lexington Hotel, Suites and Inns.

For more information, call Dr. Ben Dickerson, director of the Institute of Gerontological Studies and professor of sociology at Baylor, at 755-1164.

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