Steppin' Out Will Step in to Chapel Forum Oct. 2

Oct. 1, 1996

The fall semester "Steppin' Out" day of service will be introduced to Baylor University's students at Chapel Forum at 10 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 3, in Waco Hall.

During the program, students will hear a brief history of Steppin' Out, see a mock fashion show describing the different styles of clothes students will be seen wearing as they work in the community, watch a video of past Steppin' Out days and will be given the opportunity to sign up for this fall's day of service.

Encouraging the students of Baylor to "step out" of the Baylor campus and contribute their services to the Waco community is the purpose of Steppin' Out. Community service projects such as Habitat for Humanity, nursing home visitation and general home repair and clean-up will be on the list of projects for the Baylor students.

Steppin' Out has historically been centered around getting organizations involved in the service projects, and according to Lin Wayner, public relations director for Steppin' Out, they are trying to change that image. "We would really like to get more individuals involved in the service projects, and especially give freshmen the opportunity to participate. We are also encouraging the Baylor faculty to participate this year."

This fall's day of service is scheduled for Nov. 2. For more information on Steppin' Out, contact the Baylor Student Activities Office at 755-2371.

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