Baylor to Begin Installment Plan for Paying Tuition, Fees

Sept. 20, 1996

WACO, Texas - Baylor University's Board of Regents today approved a tuition and fee installment plan effective with fall 1997 semester.

Under the new arrangement, students would be able to pay their semester tuition, room and board, and fees in installments rather than in one lump sum which was previously required. The plan will require a down payment of one-fourth of the total sum with the remainder paid in three monthly installments during the semester.

Students who elect to use the installment plan will be charged an additional $50 administrative fee.

"We realize that not all students are able to make a lump-sum payment each semester," said Dr. Stan Madden, vice president for university marketing.

"This new installment plan will help students pay for their tuition and fees over a period of time. We expect it to be a very popular method of payment, and there has been considerable interest in this type of payment plan.

"This type of plan has become more commonplace nationally," he added.

"We want to do whatever is in the best interests of our students, and if this type of payment plan will benefit many of them, we'll do it. We've been studying this plan for the past year, and we think the time has come to go forward with it."

Baylor's tuition for 1996-97 is $8,070 and fees are $686.

For more information, call Madden at (817) 755-1961.

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