Ridlehoover Is Fourth Pastor in Residence at BU's Truett

Sept. 18, 1996

by Brenda Tacker

WACO, Texas - Dr. Jack Ridlehoover, who has almost 50 years of experience in the pulpit, is serving as the fall 1996 pastor-in-residence for the George W. Truett Theological Seminary at Baylor University.

Ridlehoover is the fourth person to fill a term in the one-semester post. Others who have served are Rev. Stan Allcorn, Dr. W.E. Thorn and Dr. David George.

"It is a practice of Truett Seminary to bring in persons with practical experience for one semester," Ridlehoover said. "I'm here as more of a resource person for the students."

As pastor-in-residence, Ridlehoover will attend some classes in the area of pastoral leadership, substitute for professors, and occasionally speak in Truett's chapel service. He will be available to counsel students and to participate in class discussions. Previously, Ridlehoover has led life-long learning seminars for Truett students.

He offers 49 years of experience as a pastor, with 29 of those years at Pioneer Baptist Church in Abilene. Ridlehoover began preaching at age 19 when he was a sophomore at Baylor. He graduated from the university in 1952 and earned a degree from Southwestern Seminary in 1957. Since retiring from pastoring four years ago, Ridlehoover has filled in as interim pastor for five churches and began Minister's Mentoring and Consulting Service to facilitate support services for young ministers and churches facing problems.

"I love what I do, helping young ministers and churches. We are developing a network of older ministers who will give their time to young ministers," he said. "This is a retirement ministry mentoring for our young pastors. We donate our time."

When asked what words of encouragement he would offer to future ministers, he said, "In addition to devotion and dedication to God and cultivation of Christian character, which are basic, I would wish every young minister would have creative ambition and dedicated hard work to being the best servant leader to God's people and in helping people to know Jesus Christ as savior."

For more information about the pastor-in-residence program, contact Truett Seminary at 817-755-3755 or 1-800-BAYLOR-U

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