Baylor Offers Continuing Education Courses

Aug. 30, 1996

WACO, Texas - The Baylor University Office of Continuing Education will offer more than 40 courses and seminars to the Central Texas and Baylor communities this fall.

The courses cover liberal and fine arts, physical fitness and recreation, computers and various special interests including defensive driving, graduate record exam (GRE) and graduate management admission test (GMAT) preparation courses. The courses range from $15 to $80 except for GRE and GMAT preparation classes.

The courses meet in the evenings and are four to six weeks long. The continuing education program gives Waco area citizens an opportunity to experience lifelong learning, said Annette Lindsey, director of the continuing education program.

"The program gives people a chance to brush up on a skill or hobby or study something they are interested in," she said. Lindsey said the program has been popular with the Waco community over the years as Waco citizens take as many or more courses than Baylor faculty, staff or students. Lindsey said part of the purpose of the program is to support the university's commitment to society beyond the traditional college student.

Among the numerous classes offered are a "Martin Luther," "Children in Cinema," "A Beginners Guide to the Middle East," golf, piano, investing, speed reading and "Young Professionals of Waco - Getting to Know the City and Each Other."

For more information, contact Lindsey at (817) 755-3550.

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