Law Professor to Discuss Immigration Law Aug. 28

Aug. 21, 1996

Baylor University Associate Professor of Law Melissa Essary will speak on "Immigration Law: The Intent and the Outcome" at noon Wednesday, Aug. 28, in the Barfield Drawing Room of the Bill Daniel Student Center.

Immigration law has been a highly debated subject during the last two years with many opponents and proponents of restricting the number of immigrants into the United States. According to Essary, approximately 800,000 immigrants are legally admitted to the U.S. each year. However, she said as many as 500,000, and possibly more, illegal immigrants come to the U.S. annually. In the state of California alone, these illegal immigrants receive more than $2 billion in government benefits.

Essary's discussion will focus on Proposition 187, which is a reform bill in California which would reduce benefits for illegal immigrants in the U.S. and allow for tighter border patrols in the state. California has the most immigrants in America, with Texas being second.

Essary said she will discuss how pending legislation will affect legal and illegal immigrants.

"The purpose of Proposition 187 is to reduce illegal immigrants but it is being used as a catalyst for legal immigration reform," she said. "Most people get the two issues confused. The tide of resentment against illegal immigration has spilled over to those who immigrate lawfully."

For more information, contact Essary at 755-1911.

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