Exhibit Featuring Works by Baylor Faculty Opens Sept. 9

Aug. 15, 1996

by Brenda Tacker

If you want to make informed investment decisions for the future, explore the death penalty issue, learn more about Margaret Chase Smith, or increase your knowlege in a wide variety of subjects, take a look at the books showcased in the "Baylor Authors and Artists at Work" exhibit that opens Monday, Sept. 9, in Moody Memorial Library at Baylor University.

The exhibit includes books written, edited or compiled by Baylor faculty members in 1995 or 1996 along with works published, commercially recorded or exhibited by Baylor's music and fine arts faculty in those years, said Dr. Avery Sharp, dean of libraries. The exhibit runs through Oct. 31.

The objects d'art range from the beautifully designed graphics on the Baylor Libraries home page - http://Diogenes.Baylor.edu/Library/welcome.html - to a photographic silk-screened and woven fiber piece shown in Taiwan. Sound recordings and manuscripts are among the music faculty's achievements on display.

Along with the book or art work, the display presents a photograph of the author or artist, brief biological information and personal comments about the item.

"We would like to include all books by Baylor authors, but our productive faculty members made it necessary to limit the exhibit to books published in 1995-96," Sharp said. "We plan to make this an annual event to honor the most recent authors and artists each year."

Among the faculty included in the exhibit are Dr. Debra Andrist, Sally L. Askins, Dr. Robert Baird, Dr. Clark Baker, Dr. T. Lindsay Baker, Dr. Lewis Barker, Dr. William H. Bellinger Jr., Dr. Larry Chonko, Dr. Bob E. Cromer, Dr. Derek H. Davis, Dr. Dovalee Dorsett, Dr. Guillermo García-Corales, Dr. Walter H. Harrison Jr., Dr. Barry A. Harvey, Dr. C. Alton Hassell, Dr. Maurice Hunt, Dr. Duane Ireland, Dr. Joyce Jones, Charles Kemp, Berry J. Klingman, Emily Ketcham, Dr. Roger Kirk, Dr. Marvin L. Lamb, John McClanahan, Paul McCoy, Dr. Joseph A. McKinney, Dr. Linda McManness, Dr. Carlos Moore, Mark Moran, Dr. Robert H. Ray, Dr. William Reichenstein, Dr. Earlene Rentz, Dr. Michael Robinson, Terry Roller, Dr. Mary Ruth Smith, Dr. F. Gordon A. Stone, Dr. S. Kay Toombs, Dr. Karl Umlauf, Dr. Joseph F. Vélez, Dr. Patricia Ward Wallace, Dr. Charles A. Weaver III, Dr. Richard Willis, Dr. James E. Wood Jr., and Dr. Robert Young. Others may be added later.

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