Baylor Receives Institutional Achievement Award

July 11, 1996

Baylor University was recently awarded the Distinguished Institutional Achievement Award by the Association of Conference and Events Directors-International (ACED-I).

Baylor was recognized by the organization because of the university's support for Jack Thornton, university host for Baylor, who has been an active part of ACED-I since its beginning in 1980.

Thornton served as ACED-I's vice president in 1981 and served as president in 1982. The group has grown from 11 members to more than 900 currently. Thornton serves as chair of the electronics communications committee and the site selection committee for the group's annual meeting which Baylor co-hosted in 1989.

Serving the ACED-I has been a meaningful experience, Thornton said, and he thanked Baylor for allowing his commitment to the organization.

"I care so much about the ACED-I, I would put my own money into it," he said. "However, Baylor has supported me financially and with my time to help build this organization to what it is today."

Thornton received the Distinguished Individual Achievement Award for his service in 1992.

For more information, contact Thornton at 755-1921.

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