Baylor's Honor College Hosts Christian Media Leader

Sept. 10, 2008

by Lillyan Baker, student newswriter, (254) 710-6805

Dr. Ted Baehr, an award-winning director, accomplished radio and television personality and dedicated media activist, will lecture about his accomplishments, activism and spiritual goals for the media industry on Sept. 15 from 3 to 4 p.m. in the Alexander Drawing Room on Baylor Campus. The lecture is hosted by Baylor's Honor College, which brings a variety of scholars, authors and public figures throughout the year for the Partner Lectures Series.

Baehr is the chairman of the Christian Film and Television Commission, a non-profit organization committed to helping families to enhance and judge their values of the media. He also is the publisher of Movieguide: A Family Guide to Entertainment, a spiritual-based program dedicated to educating audiences on how to make better choices when selecting their entertainment. Baehr said that, "Movieguide has helped the general public understand the media's impact on its audiences through the Web site and its biweekly publication."

Baehr has been an American media critic and syndicated column writer for 29 national publications. He also lectures, teaches and preaches throughout the world. He serves on the board for more than 20 organizations, including the Religious Heritage of America, National Religious Broadcasters, the American Theater of Actors and the Theological Summit Conference.

Baehr's passion for educating the entertainment industry has been implemented through several of his published books, including, The Media-Wise Family, Getting the Word Out and The Christian Family Guide to Movies and Video. He also awards plaques of recognition to the ten best "family friendly" and the ten best "morally edifying mature audiences" films of the year to producers, directors, writers and distribution companies. His organization has updated a guideline known as the Motion Picture and Television Production Code, which has earned the support of more than one million individuals.

For more information about this lecture, visit the Honors College Lecture Series website.

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