Baylor Students Win Top Honors At NATS Conference

Nov. 29, 2001

by Richard Veit

Voice students from the Baylor University School of Music earned top marks at the 2001 regional conference of the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS). Twenty-seven students were selected to sing in the semifinal round, and 16 competed in the final round of competition.

The five-state Texoma Region of NATS held its annual conference and auditions on the Baylor campus Nov. 7-10. Baylor's Vocal Division faculty served as local hosts.

Among the top finishers in the freshman women division was Shelley Massey, who placed third. Jonathan Aigner placed third in the freshman men division.

Sophomore Ellie Jarrett and Julia Snyder tied for first place in the sophomore women division and David Dingrando finished third in the sophomore men division.

Clare Mortimer and Darren Butler captured first place in both the junior women division and junior men division. Stacey Franklin placed third in the junior women, and Julie Davis placed fifth.

In the senior women division, Marjorie Owens, who also received the "Grady Harlan Award" for outstanding talent, placed first. Matthew Moore won first place in the senior men division, and Dennis McDaniel finished fifth.

Baylor students also won top honors in the advanced women and men divisions. April Drewry placed first place, Randall Ball won first place and Leo García finished fourth.

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