Ring Out Ceremony to Be Held May 14 at Baylor

May 4, 1999

The senior Ring Out Ceremony, an annual Baylor University tradition since 1927, will be held in the Burleson Quadrangle at 6 p.m. Friday, May 14.

The ceremony has primarily included women in the past. Dressed in graduation gowns, graduating senior women pass a chain of ivy to junior women wearing white dresses. Since 1946, male students have participated in the Passing of the Key ceremony during Ring Out. Graduating senior men dress in graduation gowns, and junior men are dressed in dark suits. The key to the box of relics buried under the Centennial monument is passed from a representative of the senior class to a junior representative.

Student body president Gannon Sims and president-elect, John Rolph, will speak for the passing of the key. Internal vice president Christy Rome and external vice president-elect Sandie Carruth will speak for the passing of the ivy.

The ceremony symbolizes the binding of classes with loyalty to the traditions of Baylor. All graduating seniors and their chosen junior candidates are eligible to participate, and parents and other guests are welcome to attend the ceremony.

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