News Archives for Aug. 2009

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Story Date
Honors College Dean Presents Annual Film Lecture 8/31/2009
Baylor University Economists Call For Different Tack On Health Care Insurance 8/28/2009
Garven Receives Teaching Award from American Risk and Insurance Association 8/28/2009
Baylor Closed Sept. 7 for Labor Day Holiday 8/27/2009
New Book Displays 400 Years of Baptist Interpretive Tradition 8/26/2009
Fall Calendar Includes Celebrated Artists, Performances, Lectures and Conferences 8/24/2009
Truett Seminary to Recognize Five Honorary Alumni 8/24/2009
Triumphant Tubas, Euphoric Euphoniums 8/21/2009
"The Crying Class" Delves into Many Forms of Loss 8/19/2009
Baylor Research Indicates Wetland Used With Batch Dosing Produces Cleanest Water From Septic Tank 8/18/2009
Baylor School of Social Work Gains First Two Endowed Faculty Positions 8/18/2009
Baylor Professor Honored as a Golden Anniversary Alumnus 8/17/2009
McCall Humanitarian Award Presented At Commencement 8/17/2009
Director of Institute for Studies of Religion's Program on Religion & Population Health Named 8/13/2009
Leading American Religious Authority Joins Institute for Studies of Religion 8/12/2009
New Geology Professor Brings New Research Area to Baylor 8/11/2009
Baylor Student Elected to Board of North American Association of Christians in Social Work 8/10/2009
School of Social Work Holds Summer Convocation Aug. 14 8/10/2009
Truett Seminary to Receive Plaque for International Environmental Leadership 8/10/2009
Woodstock Art Was "Carefree and Loose" -- But Where Is It? 8/10/2009
Baylor MBA Students Recognized for Prison Entrepreneurship Program 8/7/2009
Baylor Student Receives Community Hero Award 8/7/2009
Baylor Serves as Satellite Location for Willow Creek Leadership Summit 8/3/2009

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