News Archives for Aug. 1995

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Story Date
Baylor Summer Programs Attract More Than 10,000 Visitors 8/30/1995
Baylor to Hold Inaugural Academic Symposium Sept. 15 8/29/1995
Tippit Named Director of Recruitment 8/29/1995
Baylor Presidential Inaugural Ceremony Set for Sept. 15 8/28/1995
Baylor Ranked in Nation's Top 25 Entrepreneurship Schools 8/25/1995
Baylor Names Three New Recruitment Officers 8/24/1995
Author Nien Cheng to Lecture on Sept. 11 8/23/1995
Baylor Receives Increase in Teg Funds 8/22/1995
Baylor to Inaugurate New President Sept. 14-15 8/22/1995
Cashier's Office Moves to Robinson Tower 8/21/1995
Reception for President Robert B. Sloan Jr. Set for Aug. 27 8/21/1995
Reception for President Robert B. Sloan Jr. Set for Aug. 27 8/18/1995
Baylor History Professor Receives $22,000 Grant 8/17/1995
Baylor to Host Bible Conference Sept. 15-16 8/17/1995
Baylor Graduate Chosen to Participate in Exxon Internship 8/16/1995
Baylor Receives $10,000 Gift From Mccall Family 8/16/1995
Baylor Awaits Final NCAA Ruling on Men's Basketball Program 8/14/1995
Baylor Offers Free Management Help to Companies 8/14/1995
Baylor Fall Semester to Begin Aug. 28 8/11/1995
Proposed Statement 8/11/1995
Baylor Art Gallery to Host Kreneck Exhibition 8/10/1995
Baylor to Offer Continuing Education Courses 8/10/1995
Baylor Names Distinguished Professors 8/9/1995
Baylor Welcome Week Set for Aug. 23-26 8/9/1995
Baylor Artist-in-Residence Receives Award 8/8/1995
Baylor Officials to Appear Before NCAA Committee 8/8/1995
Baylor Reports Summer Enrollment Data 8/7/1995
Baylor to Host Book Signing Aug. 10 8/7/1995
Baylor Employee Receives College Visitor Honors 8/4/1995
Baylor to Host WMU Leadership Conference Aug. 9-12 8/3/1995
Baylor University to Host Montessori Workshop 8/2/1995
Baylor Fall Gym Registration Begins Aug. 23 8/1/1995
Baylor Summer Commencement Scheduled for Aug. 12 8/1/1995
Baylor to Host Church Conference for the Blind Aug. 4 8/1/1995

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