Marine Biology

Stephen Trumble, Ph.D.


A vertebrate physiologist and expert in marine mammals, Baylor assistant professor of biology Dr. Stephen Trumble has made his fair share of national research headlines since he began working at Baylor in 2008. Along with his graduate students in his Laboratory of Ecological and Adaptational Physiology (LEAP), Dr. Trumble investigates and publishes on basic and applied research involving skeletal muscle physiology, organismal energetics, lipid biochemistry, digestive physiology and health indices in models ranging from rats to seals to whales.

Dr. Trumble along with Baylor environmental science professor Dr. Sascha Usenko have developed a novel approach in determining lifespan hormonal and contaminant profiles for individual baleen whales using the wax earplug. These unprecedented lifespan profiles will fundamentally transform the ability to assess anthropogenic impact on these charismatic sentinels and their ecosystems.

Trumble graduated from Texas State University with a degree in marine biology. He has since received a M.S. and Ph.D. in the same field from Moss Landing Marine Labs and University of Alaska Fairbanks, respectively.

To interview Dr. Trumble, contact Tonya B. Lewis, at (254) 710-4656, or the Office of Media Communications at (254) 710-1961.

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