William B. (Trey) Cade III, Ph. D.

Trey Cade

William B. (Trey) Cade III is the director of the Baylor Institute for Air Science and an assistant research professor for Baylor's Center for Astrophysics, Space Physics, and Engineering Research. He is an expert in space weather.

His primary interest is in studying the physics of geomagnetic storm and auroral substorm processes. However, he is also interested in studying and understanding the end-to-end system of solar-heliosphere-magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling and dynamics, to include evaluation of new computer modeling techniques for forecasting purposes.

Some of the top research questions he would like to address are:

• What physical processes contribute to the magnetic field fluctuations that define a geomagnetic storm?

• What role do field-aligned currents, and the associated inter-connection of magnetospheric current systems, play in the geomagnetic storm process?

• What are the most important measurements necessary to support real-time evaluation and forecasting of space weather conditions?

• What are the operationally significant thresholds of space weather conditions?

• What is the effect of space weather disturbances on aviation operations?

He is the author of multiple publications, including one about the U. S. Air Force and the space environment.

He received two bachelor's degrees from Texas A&M University, a master's and Ph.D. from Utah State University, attended Academic Instructor School at Air University (U.S. Air Force), completed the Space Environmental Forecaster's Course through the Air Force Global Weather Central and received his weather forecaster certification through the U.S. Air Force Air Weather Service.

To interview Dr. Cade, contact Eric Eckert, at (254) 710-1964, or the Office of Media Communications at (254) 710-1961.