Autism Spectrum Disorders

Julie K. Ivey-Hatz, Ph.D.

Julie K. Ivey-Hatz, Ph.D.

Dr. Julie K. Ivey-Hatz, assistant professor of educational psychology at Baylor University's School of Education, is founder and director of the Baylor Autism Center. Her research areas include autism spectrum disorders, suicide prevention, family systems and developmental disabilities.

Ivey-Hatz is the author of "Educational Strategies For Individuals With Autism Spectrum Disorders" and a number of publications which have appeared in journals such as Pediatric Neurology, Journal on Developmental Disabilities and Journal of the American Academy of Special Education Professionals. She also has presented research at conferences across Texas and the United States and has received a number of grants, including a major grant in 2008 from the Baylor/Waco Foundation for the Baylor Autism Center.

Ivey-Hatz received her bachelor's degree in psychology from Texas State University, her master's degree in school psychology from Our Lady of the Lake University and her doctoral degree in educational psychology from Oklahoma State University.

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