Water Quality and Aquatic Life

Bryan Brooks, Ph.D.

0013Bryan Brooks

Dr. Brooks is professor of environmental science and biomedical studies at Baylor and director of the environmental science graduate program and the environmental health science program.

His most recent research focuses on pharmaceuticals found in fish living downstream of wastewater treatment plants and the impact these chemicals have on fish behavior. His current research focuses on water quality dynamics of rapidly urbanizing regions, developing approaches to define risks of contaminants of historical and emerging concern, water reuse and the ecology and environmental toxicology of harmful algae blooms.

Dr. Brooks has given more than 100 presentations and lectures across the United States and the world, in countries including Australia, Denmark, Germany and France. He is editor of environmental management for Integrated Assessment and Management, associate editor of Science of the Total Environment and an editorial board member of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry.

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