Alexander Beaujean, Ph.D.

Alex Beaujean

Dr. Alexander Beaujean, assistant professor of educational psychology at Baylor University's School of Education, is director of the Baylor Psychometric Laboratory, which supports Baylor and other academic institutions in the development, application and analysis of measurement in educational and psychological research.

Beaujean's research interests include psychometrics, measurement of human cognitive abilities, cognitive epidemiology and the history of psychology. He is a licensed psychologist, a journal reviewer for publications such as Child Development and Educational and Psychological Measurement and member of the American Psychological Association and the International Society for Intelligence Research. He also has numerous published articles and has presented at conferences across the United States and Europe.

Beaujean received his bachelor's degree in psychology and history with a specialization in secondary education at Cedarville University, and master's degrees in school psychology and educational psychology from the University of Missouri. He earned his doctoral degrees in educational psychology and school psychology from the University of Missouri, before completing his post-doctoral clinical work at the Baylor Psychology Clinic.

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