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Baylor's Office of Media & Public Relations supports the University’s Illuminate strategic plan as a top Christian research university by focusing on faculty research and expertise, innovative teaching, major awards and recognition, and community involvement.

Our team provides fall and spring Media Training workshops to assist faculty with effectively communicating the impact of their research and sharing their perspective as subject-matter experts on national trends and conversations with media outlets, in Hot Topics and on the Baylor Connections podcast. Also, as official spokespersons, we respond promptly and accurately to issues and events.

Contact us at our main office at 254-710-1961 or during regular business hours Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT. Or contact one of our staff members directly.

***Before planning to come to campus, members of the media must contact Baylor Media & Public Relations by phone or email for approval to be on campus. Please see our updated Media Access to Campus Policy.*** 

Lori Fogleman

Lori W. Fogleman, 254-710-6275, mobile 254-709-5959

Assistant Vice President of Media & Public Relations

University Spokesperson ▪ Office of the President ▪ Media Training ▪ Student Life ▪ Gifts ▪ Facilities & Operations ▪ Admissions & Enrollment ▪ Athletics Liaison ▪ Public Safety ▪ Libraries ▪ Honors College ▪ Graduate/Professional Education

Shelby Cefaratti-Bertin

Shelby Cefaratti-Bertin, 254-710-6431, mobile 254-327-8012

Assistant Director of Media & Public Relations

Research ▪ Faculty Experts ▪ Media Training ▪ Social Sciences ▪ Humanities ▪ Truett Seminary ▪ Law ▪ Music

Kelly Craine

Kelly Craine, 254-710-1964, mobile 254-297-9065 

Assistant Director of Media & Public Relations

Research ▪ Faculty Experts ▪ Media Training ▪ Business ▪ Sciences ▪ Health ▪ Nursing ▪ Engineering & Computer Science ▪ Education ▪ Social Work