Application Checklist

General Application Open. Apply NOW before spots run out

Interviews for Eligible Students: Spring 2022

New Scholar Orientation: March 2022


STEP 1: Review the eligibility requirements for the McNair Scholars Program.

STEP 2: Gather your application materials.

  1. Resume
  2. An electronic copy of your unofficial Baylor University transcript.
  3. You will need to utilize your or your family's tax return to answer the financial questions.
    • Applicants that are selected as a finalist and invited to interview must submit their previous years tax return and their FAFSA Student Aid Report to the McNair Office before their interview.
  4. Personal Statement
    • In your statement, tell a little bit about your background and how you selected your major at Baylor. Why you would like to become a McNair Scholar and why you should be selected? What are your academic and career interests and how will becoming a McNair Scholar assist you with your goals? Why do you think obtaining a PhD is essential to your interest and what you hope to contribute to society by obtaining a PhD? As part of the McNair Scholars Program, you will be expected to participate in a summer research internship. Express your solid commitment to devoting both time and energy to becoming a part of the McNair community at Baylor.
    • Word Limit: 1000 or less
  5. Two Letters of Recommendation
    • While two letters of recommendation are encouraged, we are only requiring one letter of recommendation due to recent COVID-19 restrictions that students may have faced. If possible, please have a faculty member provide a letter of recommendation on your behalf. We would encourage you to select an individual/individuals that can write a strong letter detailing your academic potential, motivation, curiosity, and fitness for graduate school.
    • Your selected recommender(s) will receive an email with instructions on how to upload their letter of recommendation AFTER your application has been submitted. Letters of recommendation should be submitted by your recommenders within three weeks after you submit your application.
  6. Proposed Research Abstract & Faculty Mentor (Optional/Strongly Encouraged)
    • The faculty mentor you identify should be someone you have reached out to and discussed with about the possibility of conducting research. If you need help reaching out to or identifying a potential faculty mentor, please contact our office at
    • Should you be accepted into the McNair Scholars Program, you will be expected to conduct research this upcoming summer. Please state a proposed research topic, the name of your intended faculty mentor, and a research abstract that you and your faculty mentor have discussed. Be sure to include the objectives of the study and the hypothesized outcomes of the study in your abstract.
    • Word Limit: 200

STEP 3: Complete the online application form!