Mayborn Museum

A contemporary American writer once said that not knowing history is like being a leaf that doesn’t know it’s part of a tree. That seems especially true when we consider how our identity both as individuals and as a community is so tightly wound around a collective past. Those of us who call Central Texas home are fortunate, though, because we’ve been endowed with a past brimming with treasures that spark curiosity about who we are. Not just artifacts, but people and places and ideas.

The Mayborn Museum has embarked on a visionary plan to transform its natural science and cultural history wing. When completed, “Central Texas: the Crossroads of Time and Place” will not only bring the museum’s exhibits up to date and offer visitors a more hands-on, immersive experience, it will be an exhibit in which every Central Texas resident can see themselves and explore the natural landscapes that drew people to the area.

The ten-year plan of exhibit renovations will be executed in four phases. The first phase will reallocate current space to increase the museum’s exhibit footprint by 5,000 square feet and will focus on the Early Peoples/Settlers section of the wing. One of the more iconic additions of the first phase will be the placement of a life-sized mother and baby Columbian mammoth sculpture in front of the museum. This project represents one of the most ambitious renovations the Mayborn Museum has ever undertaken. But in the same way Central Texas has been endowed with an extraordinary past, we’ve also been blessed by extraordinarily generous people who see the importance of our cultural heritage and lifelong learning. This was evidenced by the lead gift of $2.2 million by a single donor, allowing us to green-light our Phase 1 endeavors.

We’re now asking you to join the effort to help us secure the remaining funding for the first phase. By giving to this project, you’ll certainly be contributing to the future of the museum and to the legacy of Baylor University. But more importantly, you’ll be making a gift that will help us continue to ignite curiosity in future generations. If you have any questions about the content of this booklet, please do not hesitate to contact me directly 254-710-2343 or

With gratitude,

Charles Walter
Mayborn Museum Complex
Baylor University