Lifelong Learning Volunteers

Mayborn Museum

Lifelong Learning Volunteers

Volunteer Opportunities Through Lifelong Learning

Part of the fun of Lifelong Learning is being connected with those who plan and prepare for the various courses and events within the program. Get involved by letting us know of your interests. The Curriculum Team, Special Events Team, Course Hosts Team, Publicity Team, and History Team are waiting to hear from you. Submit your name and the area of your interest through our email at

Volunteer Opportunities at the Mayborn Museum

There are many exciting ways to become involved in the Mayborn Museum. Various events and activities occur throughout the year where an extra pair of hands would be very helpful. You’ll learn new things and meet new people!

To find out more about volunteering, contact Ryan Kough at (254)710-1217.

Lifelong Learning Officers & Team Chairs

2021-22 Leadership Team Members

Terry Wright President
Doug Baldwin Vice President
Dianne Sawyer Secretary
Judy Staples Past President
Jane Winston Member at Large
Tom Purdy Member at Large
Nancy Moore Member at Large
Cindee Millard Public Programs Manager
Sherry DeHay Volunteer Engagement Manager
Dorothy Schleicher Curriculum Team Chair
Rick Moss Special Events Team Chair
Sherry Cragen & Jin Surovik Course Hosts Team Chairs
Diana Ramey Publicity Team Chair
Mary Gerecke History Team Chair