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About Lifelong Learning

Baylor's Lifelong Learning is a primarily volunteer-led membership-based organization that offers an array of learning opportunities and experiences. Each fall and spring semester, member-designed courses and special events entice intellectually curious adults to explore a wide range of interests. If you are looking for a comfortable venue for friendship, leadership opportunities, and stimulating learning, come join us.

How to get involved

Click “Lifelong Learning Courses” on in the left-hand menu to browse current offerings.

  • You must purchase a Lifelong Learning Membership to register for LLL courses.
  • LLL’s Curriculum Committee designs courses for each fall and spring.


Lifelong Learning members have the opportunity to park on campus for courses and events. However, the campus police will ticket a car after three license plate checks within a 3-month period. Avoid any parking tickets by registering your car for a Visitor Permit. Visit baylor.edu/dps, click on “Parking and Transportation” and follow the instructions for creating a visitor account.

SIGs- Shared Interest Groups

This is a free benefit with your membership in Lifelong Learning. Members connect with each other through Shared Interest Groups that are member-led and are centered around the interests of the group. Each group sets its own schedule and meeting locations, participants help lead discussions and a facilitator manages communication. SIGs are free, but LLL membership is required for participation. If you would like to join a Shared Interest Group, please email the corresponding name beside the SIG name.

Fall semester meetings are between September and January; Spring semester meetings are between February and June. There are currently no SIG meetings in July and August. The SIG leader sets the meeting dates.

Fall 2022 SIGs


Any and all travel will be organized and conducted through individuals of the group. No waiver from Baylor University will be required for participants. Transportation methods will be decided upon, contracted for, and arranged by individuals of the group. No Mayborn Museum staff are allowed to make arrangements, sign contracts, or act as agent for the group. It will be noted that this trip/event is considered extra-curricular and is not a Baylor University sponsored event. A simple sentence will be included in information related to the travel.

New SIGs

A new SIG group may be formed by a written request to the LLL President and/or Program Administrator a list of at least five named LLL members who all wish to form a new group on a specific topic, and they provide a group coordinator to serve as the leader. The topic of the group needs to be consistent with the norms of Baylor University, the Mayborn Museum, and Baylor’s Lifelong Learning Program. SIG group applications must be approved by the LLL Leadership Team.

To access the application for a new Shared Interest Group, click here.

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