Mayborn Museum

Summer 2019 Design Den Maker Camps

Registration is now open! Click here to register.

Ages 8-10

$60 for members/$75 for non-members
July 22-23 Tinkering, Tools, & Take Apart

It’s Tinker Time! Join us for two days filled with taking things apart and putting things together. Make cardboard creations, learn to safely use new tools, and create your own wooden string art!

June 24-25 Super Storytelling

Join us for Super Storytelling camp in Design Den at the Mayborn Museum! Create your own characters and setting, then bring them to life with stop motion video and motors. Then, take your imagination to the next level by telling stories with technology using Scratch programming and Makey Makey!

Ages 11-14

$100 for members/$115 for non-members
July 24-26 Maker Extreme

Have you dreamed of making your own cool stuff? Stickers? Book ends? Jewelry? Get ready for the ultimate tour of Design Den! You’ll get the chance to interact with our favorite tools, activities, and materials, including circuits, soldering, and woodworking! Maker Extreme will end with a day to complete your own individual project with the support of Design Den staff.

June 26-28 Once Upon A Code

What stories can you tell? Design your own miniature props and create your own characters, then bring the story to life using technology! You’ll learn how to use Scratch programming to create digital stories, use Makey Makey to create interactive settings, and use motors to bring paper creations to life!

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