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Design Den Maker Internships

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What will I do as a Design Den Maker Intern?

Maker Interns will work in the Mayborn's making and tinkering exhibit space, Design Den. In addition to developing and facilitating programs here at the museum and out in the Waco community, Maker Interns will attend weekly professional trainings, and have the opportunity to incorporate personal projects and hobbies into museum programming.


What are some activities and programs that happen in Design Den?

We do all sorts of activities! We make, tinker, and create with science, art, and technology. Some of our favorite activities include:

  • Squishy Circuits
  • Sewing, Embroidery, and Wearable Circuits
  • Programming (using Scratch, Arduino, etc.)
  • Recyclable Art
  • Marble Roller Coasters
  • Woodworking


Where can I apply?

Applications are open through April 20 through the Office of Student Employment. Click here to sign in and view student job listings. This internship will be listed as an on-campus internship. You must be a Baylor student to apply.


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Design Den Maker Internships are offered in collaboration with Maker Ed. Learn more about maker education at their website.

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