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Wildest Weather in the Solar System

Wildest Weather in the Solar System

Selected Screenings May 13, 2019 - September 8, 2019

Experience weather extremes in space as never before. Fly through the dense atmosphere on Venus, methane storms on Titan and centuries old anti-cyclones on Jupiter.

We'll explore the Solar System alongside our specially designed imaginary spacecraft so sophisticated that it can take us into the fiercest of planetary cauldrons -bringing us up close with the most beautiful, powerful and mysterious weather phenomena in the Solar System.

From lightning 10,000 times stronger than on Earth, to twelve-hundred miles per hour winds nearly twice the speed of sound, to five-mile-high dust storms that could engulf entire planets, audiences will be glad they live on Earth!

Scheduled Screenings:
  • Saturdays - 11 am, 1 pm, & 3 pm
  • Sundays - 2 pm & 4 pm
  • Monday - Friday - 11:30 am

Additional showings may be available upon request. Show times are subject to change. Please call (254)710-1110 for more information.

Running time: 24 minutes.

Admission to Wildest Weather in the Solar System is $3 for children, adults, and groups, $2 for Baylor University students and museum members. Tickets cannot be purchased separately from museum admission.